Creative Gold™

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The Golden Child of Rap. Brooklyn, NY. Instagram

I lay my fears in this flower
This flower from your garden
As we lay innocently
My mind races with my true intentions
Let me touch you
I want you in my bed with me
I close the door to the world we knew
And you gently kiss me while grabbing me passionately
Slowly undressing yourself
With my impatience I assist
I’ve had this scenario countless times in my head
But now it’s real
I place you gently on top of me
While I peel your top off so swiftly
We touch, body to body
The scent of black lilies grow stronger
Slide off your bra straps
Reveal your breast, picture perfect like I imagined
Caressing your nipples gently with my tongue
Then wrapping my lips around them
I can feel that you want to be here with me
As much as I want to be here with you
Pop the button on your jeans
Sliding them down your soft thighs
Then tearing them from your ankles
I’m all but one step closer
I kiss the heavens
The ocean overflowing, you’re ready for me
Nothing compares to that first kiss
That first lick
Or the first grip when I slide in
As I begin to stroke
I can’t help but wonder
Is it possible to live here, with you, in this moment, forever?
These scars in my back
Are in fact new wounds of love
Similar to none but familiar to all
Oblivious to the real
This black lily will always be here
This black lily will always haunt me
This black lily, is a part of me

- Creative Gold